Best solution for railroad traffic safety — LED railroad lamps

Railway traffic lights - a device for visible signaling on the railways, giving signals at any time of the day only by the light of the lights (namely, by color, blinking, number, arrangement of lights). As a rule, the indication of the traffic light is intended for members of the locomotive crew or for the driver of the rolling stock, and the traffic light itself, with the exception of the locomotive traffic light, is a floor device. Railway traffic lights are designed to regulate the movement of trains, shunting trains, as well as regulating the speed of dissolution from the sorting roller coaster. Also, traffic lights or additional light signs can inform the driver about the route or otherwise specify the indication. In connection with the general similarity both in purpose and in design, railroads can be classified as traffic lights metro, and light rail. This article discusses the general characteristics and design of traffic lights. On the use of traffic signals in railway signaling on various systems of railways, metro and other extracurricular rail transport, signaling systems, see Railway traffic signaling.