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Mailing Prices Domestic (USA) Mailing Non-USA Mailing
Up to 5 Pages & Envelope 1,5$ 2,5$
Self-Addressed Return Envelope 0,5$ 0,5$
Tracking 5,99$ 5,99$


Mass mailing of letters and invoices

If your organization sends many letters, parcels or bills, the following services will suit you.

Preparation and sending of letters and parcels from the office (3-in-1 service)

The employee of the Mail will come to your office for letters and packages at a convenient time. All the preparation and sending of letters Mail takes over. Learn More


Just transfer the printed invoices to your post office. Mail will be sorted and delivered to the mailboxes of payers. Learn More


To pay for the transfer of a large number of letters and parcels fit the francs. Franks are applied to envelopes automatically with the help of a franking machine. It is faster and more convenient than sticking on stamps. You can order a franking from Post of Russia or buy and install your own franking machine in the office of your company, having ordered its maintenance from the Post. Learn More

Printing and sending letters and invoices (hybrid mail)

Automatically print, package and send your emails and accounts allows hybrid mail. You transmit the contents of the letters and addresses of the recipients in electronic form. Russian Post prints and sends letters. Learn More

Tracking a large number of letters and parcels

If you want to track sent letters and parcels sent - use the Tracking API